Agricultural risk management and insurance plays a vital role in the stability and growth of the agriculture sector, helping to ensure a more productive and stable food supply for countries around the world. In order to meet demand and feed the world into the future and enhance world food security, it is important to have a strong agricultural risk management and insurance system in place in a global context.  As agricultural risks have become more complex, foundations from key areas such actuarial science and agricultural economics have become increasingly important to help ensure the long-term benefits of agricultural risk management and insurance.

The Agricultural Risk Management and Insurance  Research Group

This international interdisciplinary research group focusing on agricultural risk management and insurance is the first of its kind.  A main focus is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with exposure to agricultural risk management and insurance, as well as helping to foster the teaching of students and shape the next generation of actuaries and professionals trained in property and casualty insurance.  Further, the group acts as a link to to assist cooperation and communication among government, private sector, and other stakeholders, to build research expertise as well as strengthen public-private partnerships.

Collaboration is essential for maximizing the potential of innovative scientific research in addressing global challenges.  Our research is disseminated through publications, conferences, consultations, and lectures. The collaboration of academia, government, the private sector, NGO’s, and other stakeholders ensures that critical up to date information is received from and sent through important channels towards improving food security.


The Fifth Annual Meeting for the International Agricultural Risk, Finance and Insurance Conference (3183500451) will be held June 7-9th, 2017, in Paris, France. IARFIC is hosted by the Waterloo Research Institute in Insurance, Securities and Quantitative Finance (3606135413), University of Waterloo, Canada, and is a unique venue that brings together leaders in agriculture, finance, and risk management, across disciplines, and across borders, tackling very important and timely topics in an effort to maintain a strong agricultural sector and improve global food security.

This year the conference will take place at the headquarters of SCOR, a leading global reinsurer specializing in life and property & casualty, with a strong a focus on agriculture.  The theme of this year’s conference is technology in agriculture.  The conference will include a dynamic program with high quality speakers focusing on innovative research, policy discussions, and business challenges and successes.

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